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How to start your holiday in Salou

This site gives you all the information you need to have a wonderful holiday in Salou. If it is about a day trip or just about an evening out, you find all the info you need to make your holiday unforgetable.


Salou is located on the Eastern coast of Spain and borders the Mediterranean Sea. This area is known as the Costa Daurada, which means the Golden Coast because of it's lovely sandy beaches it is the best known holiday resort of Spain. Salou is known for its deversity of bars, clubs and for the family friendly beach area. During the day you can enjoy yourself at one of the beaches of Salou. If you like to be in a crowd than go the Playa Levant which is the main beach of Salou. With its 1.200 meters Playa Levant is the most popular beach of Salou. YouŽll find this beach between the harbour of Salou and the main fountain. At the other site of the harbour starts Playa Ponent which will leed you to Cambrils. This beach is much smaller but more quiet as well. On the other site of Salou youŽll find Playa Larga which is the beach between Salou and Cap Salou. And the last beach is Playa Capellans which is a small beach between Playa Levant and Playa Larga. These three beaches are conected ( since 2010 ) by a wooden walkway and some stairs. If you go to these beaches please walk the walkway and enjoy the beautiful view.

At knight time Salou changes while the nightlife starts. The british student know the nightlife scene from Salou very well since they come each spring for the Salou Fest; a big sports event ( with almost 8.000 people in 2011 ) during the day and partytime in the night. The props of the diferent bars will tell you where you have to be to have "the time of your life". To find out were to go check our page Nightlife

If you just want to chill out at night you can enjoy yourself on the beautiful boulevard of Salou. The beautiful boulevard of Salou is well known for several fountains which give a wunderful music and light show in the evening.

Furthermore Salou is wellknown for its themepark, just outsite the citycentre, "Port Aventura". In this amusement park youŽll find a lot of rides and in all the different parts of the park youŽll see all kind of shows. The park is divided in different continents so you can go to China, Mediterenian, Polynesia, Mexico and the Far West. And a new theme this year is Sesame Street Adventure. In each part of the park you find the shows and the rides that belong to the continent or theme. If you like fast rides try the Dragon Khan ( 110 km/h ) , the Hurakan Condor ( 115 km/h ) or the Furios Baco ( 135 km/h ).

An other well known atraction park is "Aquopolis" which is a waterpark with a lot of glides and diferent animal shows. YouŽll find Aquopolis in La Pineda which is just outsite of Salou. More information about Salou? Just click here.

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